Club Information

Jo and Dave Your Hosts

Jo & I started in the swinging world in 1999 we use to hold small parties at our home, which were very successful & a lot of fun, so we decided we wanted our work life to be part of our hobby; Sex, Fun & Rock n Roll! Haha, so from being a weekend hobby it became a business, what a very exciting move for us and we never looked back.

We opened Quest in November 2001 our parties were small at the beginning and we only opened on a weekend but they soon grew into bigger parties with about 100 people joining us.

We grew with the support of our amazing members and decided to cover & follow several different lifestyles offering something for everyone be it swinging, trans, cross dressing, fetish, BDSM, Cuckholds. We wanted to diversify to be able to offer a haven of pleasure to all.

We ran these parties for about 15 years from the premises we had but began to find the space became too small for the amount of people wanting to attend, so we moved to where we are now holding parties for up to 200 people, Wow!!

We love everything about this world of pleasure, erotic fun & hedonism. We have been so very lucky, we have met some awesome people and made very close friends.

Over the years we have learnt the importance of these lifestyles and we are passionate about the well-being of the industry & the people who frequent it.

Ours really is a family run club, one of the very few, this to us has become our world and the people that come become a part of that, so much so we have members who have been with us since the beginning and now work with us.

It’s always very humbling to see on a weekly basis people returning to us week after week, and we thank everyone for their support our gratitude is immense and all we can say is thank you.

Happy Journey everyone & Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support & continued support ♥️

Jo & Dave xx